Career Opportunity Senior Mechanical Design Engineer40#2016

المعلن عن الوظيفة : - نقابة المهندسين الأردنيين
تم الإعلان               :- 2016-11-23

Job Summary: This requisition is for a Mechanical Engineer with substantial experience in designing mechanical systems for buildings. The responsibilities of this engineer are as follows: 1. Complete the mechanical engineering design for all mechanical works (HVAC, elevators/lifts, energy calculations) in the following industries based on an architectural design: 1. Industrial (factories, storage warehouses, etc.); 2. Educational (schools, universities, research centers, etc.); 3. Commercial (complexes, plazas, malls, offices, etc.); 4. Residential (houses/villas, apartment complexes, etc.); 5. Healthcare (clinics, hospitals, etc.); 2. Design mechanical systems for a given building according to architectural concept; 3. Work with architects and other engineering disciplines to develop cost-effective designs that meet the client's needs; 4. Develop Bills of Quantities and Specifications for all engineering works using the most accurate pricing and specifications possible, based on the project requirements; Minimum Requirements: • Mechanical Engineering bachelor degree or above; • 8 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering design for buildings in various industries such as education (schools, universities, etc.) industrial, healthcare, commercial, and residential; • Active registration in the Jordan Engineers Association with Grade B qualification; • Ability to review designs of existing mechanical infrastructure and modify it based on requirements; • Ability to complete HVAC and other mechanical load calculations for design; • Fluency with using AutoCAD to generate mechanical systems drawings; • Excellent oral and written communication in Arabic and English; • Highly organized; • Ability to work in teams containing architects, electrical engineers, civil engineers, and structural engineers; and • Ability to deal with difficult situations. Preferred Qualifications: • Active registration in the Jordan Engineering Association with Grade A qualification; • 11 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering design; • Experience implementing total mechanical engineering solutions for various building types; • Fluency with Autodesk Revit for generating mechanical engineering drawings and determining design conflicts; • Familiar with the Middle East local design regulations, has extensive experience in the design and comprehensive technical capabilities; • Good analytical and problem-solving skills; and • Good history in dealing with contractors and client representatives.

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