:59#2016Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering + minimum 15+ years of experience in the field

المعلن عن الوظيفة : - نقابة المهندسين الأردنيين
تم الإعلان               :- 2016-12-07

1. Provide strategic advices at all stages of project life cycle to preventprobable claims and or disputes against Government ministry. 2. Coordinate with concerned directorates and or sectors all the necessary documents to facilitate the review and analysis of all claims and disputes. 3. Coordinate and facilitate all claims and dispute with external organization ensuring the validity and clarity of all claims as well as the availability of supporting documents. 4. Reviews and analysis tender documents, contracts, schedules and claims including all associated supporting documents ensuring its accuracy, authenticity and validity. 5. Characterizes highly impacted projects, assists in the identifications of those projects, and provides advices to reduce the exposure of MOW to probable claims and disputes. 6. Analyses and provides advices on the problem areas that cause cost, quality, and project delays. 7. Prepares damage analysis reports, cause and effects relationship, as well as entitlement calculations. 8. Prepare dispute referral, response and reply documents. 9. Provides reports and correspondences as defense against claims in coordination with legal affairs unit prior to any arbitrations of litigations. 10. Establish the expressed or implies contractual entitlement for recovery of damages caused by the problems that occurred during the history of the project. 11. Prepares graphics and multimedia presentations supporting negotiation and expert’s testimonies. 12. Monitors in coordination with project managers the strategic advices related to the prevention of claims and disputes ensuring that they are implemented accordingly. 13. Provide workshops and or conducts awareness session on how to reduce the claims and disputes against the government ministry.

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